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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Still Holy, Hot, Moley

Ok friends, its been a while now since my last post and it's still hotter than H--. I hate to say it, i'm ready to think snow, just to cool myself off. Yesterday I took 4 showers in an attempt to "get cool" but just ended up sweating some more. How disgusting! Since I returned from Arizona life has been nothing short of a whirl wind, not to mention my computer froze and started acting weird. This is very unusual considering I use an Apple computer not PC. Cost 40 bucks for the tech support to talk me through the fix. Uuugghhhh. Curtiss is now officially as tall as me. Here we go....I guess we're really in the teenage years. Lacrosse has been done for a while. Curtiss went to the UMass Amherst boys lacrosse camp during the hottest week of the summer (of course he did). Hockey starts Labor Day (Oh Joy) and I started Ultimate fitcamp/bootcamp in an effort to drop some pounds. Let me tell you, I couldn't even lift up my purse after my first session last monday evening. But, it is exactly what I needed, to get my butt kicked by someone almost 20 years younger than myself. Later I will post some fun photos from our summer travels. Floating down the lazy river was quite relaxing i'd have to say. It took us 3.5 hrs to float about 2 miles. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer no matter how hot it is. Make the most of every day.
Carpe Diem,
Carlotta :)