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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Well it's about time.

Okay, okay, it's been a while. It seems these days that i'm burning the candle at both ends. It seems with each month I get busier and busier and the one thing I let go is the blog. So, this is my early New Year's resolution to not do that any more. I guess I was a little discouraged with the Tuesday's Technique challenge that I just couldn't get off the ground. It seems that the idea of using a specific technique on a card was intimidating for some folk which I can totally understand. So What I will do is beginning Tuesday July 5th I have revised the Tuesday's Technique challenge to become Tuesday's Tadah! That way people will be more apt to participate using whatever technique, project or other art form that they wish. I have noticed a lot of untraditional pieces that are sooooo.....beautiful. There are some frames and lampshades to die for. Remember that Copic or alcohol markers can and should be used on any and everything. I will post additional specifics of the revised challenge tonight. And for those of you last minute gals, i'm hosting a summer image swap over at splitcoast stampers look for "Last Call" subject heading. It's about to close but we would love to have you join us. I'll chat more this evening. Off to play mom's taxi and then finish up the Copic color combination reference sheet for everyone. Chao and Carpe Diem,

Carlotta :)