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Make your own Shimmer mist

How to make your own Shimmer Mist: 

Ingredients:  Stampin Up Shimmer paint or similar (it is not in the catalog any more but it is still available), Champagne Mist Shimmer Paint, item # 116806, $5.95 (gold - only one with glitter)
hand sanitizer, I purchased Walgreens brand hand sanitizer. It comes in individual packs for around $1.69 or packs of 5 for $4.99. You could use any brand you want, just be sure that the active ingredient is alcohol. In the Walgreen's brand the active ingredient is: Ethyl Alcohol 62%.
 an eye dropper (medicine dropper), plastic cup, water.
If you choose another brand of hand sanitizer you will also need to purchase a mini mister of some sort such as from Ranger.

Unscrew the top of the hand sanitizer and pour out a small amount (This will not be used)
Drop in 5-7 drops of shimmer paint (I love the champagne color) into the hand sanitizer.  Screw lid back on. Shake extremely well before misting.   If there is paint showing on the bottom of the hand sanitizer bottle, you need to shake it some more.
Put water in the plastic cup and clean the eye dropper so that all the shimmer paint is removed. You might have to do this a few times.  When spraying with the mist use some type of container or box with sides to it, to prevent the mist from spraying on things other than your project. When spraying,  it is okay to see water spots or paper rolling.  The spots will dry and fade, plus the paper returns to its normal shape as it dries. Don’t over saturate though.  Allow time for your items to dry thoroughly before using. It does dry quickly. When you make up your Shimmer Mist, be sure to take a marker and label your container so there is NO DOUBT as to what is in it! If someone would accidentally use this on their hands, they will be one twinkling person.  I store my shimmer mist separately from the regular hand sanitizer and store the container vertically NOT horizontally.

USES:  You can use on cardstock, silk flowers, paper flowers, ect.
Hope you Enjoy. 
Carpe Diem