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Masking images to create scenes

Masking Images to Create Scenes

     Masking images lets you create scenes for your cards. Whether it be Tilda and Edwin sitting on a bench or in front of the Magnolia tree, masking allows us to use more than one image on a card or layout.  Let us create Tilda sitting on a wooden bench.  When masking you first stamp the image you want to appear in the front or "on top".  In our example you would stamp Tilda on your paper first.
     Next, stamp the same image on a Post-It note or other blank piece of paper.  * If you don't have post it notes that's fine but you will need to use repositionable or removable tape underneath it to hold it in place.  Cut it out; this is your mask.  Place it over the stamped Tilda age and lightly secure in place with the removable tape.  The tape needs to be "removable" so that there is no damage or residual adhesive left on your underlying first stamped image after removing the mask.
     Next, position the bench image in the right spot and stamp.  Some of the bench will be stamped on the mask. Remove the mask and voila, you will have Tilda that appears to be sitting on the bench.  Be sure to keep the mask.  It is helpful to store your masks with your images.  Initially masking can be a bit confusing, but if you think of it like placing layers on your paper from the top down.  As you become more skillful you will be able to add several images to your cards and achieve spectacular results. Go, Create and Enjoy!

Carlotta Vachon 2010