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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy or not...

This is going to be a VERY short post today. Have to spout... Can I just say that I'm so sick and tired of people thinking that they can dictate what we share on our blogs.  Whether it be photos, artwork, creations...whatever...unless it is from someone other than myself or from  someplace else, it's mine.  All of the videos and some recipes that I share that are not mine, I make sure to post them up front and center and give credit where credit is due.  But I want all to know that I support the local small business.  My local scrapbook store gets as much of my business as do the internet stores and they never tell me what I can and can't put up on my blog. Small business is what needs our help.   My coloring is my teachers are my teachers....and my business is MY business. Just some food for thought and a little bit of venting...Just remember to follow the rules... Carpe Diem!

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