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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wens April 21,2010- Addictions

Hi all! So can I just say I truely have spring fever now. 60's and sunny, what more could you ask for in New England in April? Went golfing yesterday with Curtiss and a little friend of his, the weather was perfect but I couldn't get into it. I was too busy thinking about my card in process. There are several awesome April challenges out there with lots of talented addicts. Yes, I say addict because these little Maggies are just so darned cute. I love using my Copics anyways so I guess 1 +1= addict. I too love the House-Mouse Designs stamps as well, but wood mounted, so I don't spend $$ as easily. I hope that there aren't any programs out there to help change stamp/marker/color addiction. I bet there is probably crafter's anonymous. No thanks, not interested. Will post my newest scene card featuring Tilda with a Sunflower late tomorrow. You know, these 14hour shifts are for the birds... (Night owls to be exact). Happy stampin.
Carpe Diem,


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