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Monday, May 24, 2010

Traditions- High School Proms

Okay, so let me start out by saying Thank you to Viviane Casale for a lovely Magnolia card I received tonight. All the way from Brazil! I love looking at the postage stamps from different countries. Most of which I dream about visiting. Learning the language, cultures and customs of different countries really fascinates me. Often times, when on vacation I live behind the lense of a camera. I am my family's storyteller. I don't mind, since there are sooooo many stories!
I also love to quilt which is a form of story telling. It is also rich in tradition. From the patterns to the textiles used. Here in the U.S. we observe sooooo many traditions.
As I was doing my usual errands this past Saturday I noticed a yard full of teenagers dressed in formal attire posing for pictures. Ah, it's May, that time of year that most high school Juniors and Seniors are buzzing with excitement around their Prom. I am not at this age yet with Curtiss but I wonder is this a familiar tradition in other countries? This is the preable to graduation for high school seniors. The prom queen and her court are such a beautiful site! I just wonder if this is an American tradition or not. Oh, to be young again.......Here I go dreaming again. Tomorrow it's supposed to hit high 80's.....Yahoo. Happy summer, right on time for the Memorial Day week-end cook outs! Happy Monday to all! Carpe Diem,


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