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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall's splendors

The foliage here in New England is almost at its peak. Gorgeous to say the very least. Soon the snow will fly and some of us will be stranded with nothing more to do but scrap and stamp! Yahoo! Sign me up. For anyone who would like to join, I have a winter image swap open over at splitcoast stampers. Here's the link if you'd like:

Also it's a very exciting time for my blog. Veronica from VK designs is working on my new design. I figured that after two years, it deserved an overhaul or rather a transformation :) If you get a chance you should hop over to her site to check out the beautiful work she has done. It's WELL worth the wait! You can check it out over at http// Another addition to the site will be a photo gallery for inspiration (and a place to call home for my creations). I've added some music via a playlist at the bottom of my blog as well for you to enjoy if you like. I chose not to have it turn on automatically because when I stumble upon sites that do this, it nearly scares the bejesus out of me!

So sunny boy is having a friend over today. Maybe I'll do a little baking. I've got apples to use up and got a couple good recipes over at that I'm itching to try. It's funny how every week end gets jam packed with stuff to do but during the week, there's only enough time to cook and clean. Must have something to do with that dirty four letter! Oh, good grief, I almost forgot, from now on, my video of the week I'm going to try and just feature coloring tutorials and techniques. It seems that that is what the majority of people have questions about. There is also a new resource page full of copic color combinations to get the newbies started out. I'd like to share a photo with you all that I took this morning standing out on my deck. It sure screams fall to me. Grab a cup of apple cider and enjoy your day! Carpe Diem, Carlotta

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