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Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Presidents Day

Smiles to you all. It's going to be a short post tonight, as usual, I've run out of me time. Well, no surprise. It's another snowday here in MA. Can you believe all this snow has created a new job occupation, are you ready for this? "Roof Rakers" People are making good money clearing the snow off the rooftops. Who would have thought?

Well, I managed to complete an adorable springtime card featuring a Victoria Case stamp Lazy Days from her summer 2010 collection. You can find the line at Susana's Custom Art and Card Design on line. The yellow and peach make it so cheery. I needed that. For only a few moments to dream and escape the snow. I was also able to clean my scrap and stamp room (my tiny heaven) as some of you know it. I fell short of time once again, but I was going to film a video tour so you can see how far it's come. I can even let you into the drawers and bins with out you getting shocked. I still need a lot more word art for the walls. It's so girly being mostly pink and white but as you'll soon see, its tastefully done. Thank goodness for Copics andThe Cuttlebug. Mine all made the trip back from GA unharmed. It's the small things in life I guess. I'm going to curl up and say goodnight. May you all have a lovely sleep. Carpe Diem.


  1. this is absolutely beautiful i was just thinking of making a spring card to day as we are in a snow storm here also and no work to day!!!!!
    thanks for the inspiration!!!!!

  2. A gorgeous card Carlotta... I wouldn't mind some of your snow right now. It is so humid here in SA. The fans are going full blast and it is 10.20pm. Roll on Autumn. Love the embossing on this card. One of those tools I use far too seldom. hugs Sharon

  3. I know I made a comment because I said I loved your embossed background and your beautiful design on your card.. The butterflies really were a great plus and especially love your Victoria Case stamp... I have a couple myself.. so where it is I don't know, but I did make one... so here it is again..
    Hugs, Jean

  4. This is really sweet!! Love your soft colors!!HUGS


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